Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing Dust Tactics, The RCS.

Today as a special bonus for Revised Core Set Week, we play a quick game of DT “death-match.”

First a note about the terrain seen in the video, we used a Dust Studio Game Mat, and 3D structures from Operation Cerberus, for filming reasons. The included poster maps and little game tiles just looked terrible on camera. So, we opted to use terrain that while not included in the RCS is widely available.

About the rules, we did check the book a couple times, but if we made any mistakes we’ll try and have them listed below in the notes. Sorry we couldn’t get the unit cards on camera more, but if the camera had been any higher you wouldn’t be able to read them anyway.



Program Notes:

Part 1: None

Part 2: Jump clarified: You can jump a unit, you cannot jump any terrain without a dot.

Remember Reactive Fire must take place  between the enemy move action and their attack action, also you must Attack with all your weapons that have sufficient range, I forgot to use the Flak Grenadier’s knife.

Also around the 7 minute mark there are some errors involving splitting fire, you split fire by weapon line not by figure, so the flamethrowers can target one way, and the shotguns another, not exactly the way the video presents it.

Part 3: Heroes never benefit from cover, despite my initial confusion, I was a bit tired during the game.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, we plan on making more in the future.