Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Siege at the Factory, Dust Tactics Scenario

Today we have a new scenario for all you Dust Tactics fans out there.

Somewhere on the outskirts of the Zverograd Tank Factory…

First you need at least the following: Operations: Cerberus and Zverograd, a Warzone Tenement, and two 300 point armies.

Next up lets build the remains of the factory. (Click to enlarge)

Step 1

IMG_1303 copyIMG_1304 copy

Step 2

IMG_1305 copyIMG_1306 copy

Step 3

IMG_1307 copyIMG_1308 copy

Now that we have the main structure you can use the left overs to build the map like so. Note the roof sections on the little buildings are optional; you can find them in the DT Tile Set, or Core Set. If you don’t have the roofs, just remember the little structures are terrain with no dot, and cannot be entered. Also note the Dust Studio Game Mats we use are the same as the Zverograd poster maps.


Now that we have a map here’s the scenario rules…

Defender: 300 AP, no aircraft.

Attacker: 300-450 AP. You should base the Attacker's army size on the skill of the defender, if your opponent is a beginner use an equally sized army.

Cover: cover is optional, but you may use up to 4 Tank Traps, and 6 Ammo crates. The defender places all cover. Cover must be placed either inside the building as per the rules or within one square of the building.

Turn limit: 8 Turns.

Special Rules:

The defender is hold up inside the factory, during set up the Defending player places all his available units inside the building, they can be placed on any legal space within the structure.

During the first turn the Defender may not move his units, he may however preform Attack actions, but not Sustained Attacks.

On the first turn before the initiative roll the Attacker rolls four dice for each + result he choses one of the four map edges as a deployment zone, only the first row of any single side forms the deployment area. The Attacker may choose to reroll any     results once. For a maximum of four sides of deployment.


The Defender is trying to prevent the loss of the vital factory facilities, to win they must hold out for 8 Turns, and at the end of the Eighth Turn there must be no Attacking units inside the factory.

The Attacker is trying to capture the factory, they can win either by keeping units in the factory till the end of turn 8 or by killing all the defenders.

Once more unto the breach!


Happy Gaming.