Monday, January 7, 2013

Under The Iron Sky… Dust custom “UFO”

Faxomat from Germany has been kind enough to let us republish some pictures and info for his awesome Axis Flying Saucer.


Faxomat built this rather large German war machine from a Lindberg  Area 51 UFO model using the following customizations.


* He started with the “Area 51” because he felt it looks like the Haunebu or Vril saucers.

* He imagines that the weapons on the underside can be dropped in an emergency.

* All of the the details on the surface are extra bits as the original model doesn't have any surface details.

* The tanker model is from Italerie.

* The structures the UFO lands on are part of railroad bridges.

* The following parts from 1/25 Panther Panzer (Academy Models): back ventilation grille, cockpit, ventilator fans.

* From a 1/35 Panzer 4 (Italerie): small hatches, viewing slots.

* The top weapon is from CMK (Kugelblitz alteration set for Panzer 4).

And of course we have some more pictures.


You can also find more pictures of this great custom: HERE.

Special Thanks to Faxomat for letting us bring you this cool custom, and to Udo77 for letting me know about it.

Happy gaming and keep your eyes on the skys.