Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working Hard to bring you the Best Video

What follows is an informal camera review…


Today we’re trying out some new cameras, to see if a used but new to us Canon HG21 can hold its own against a new Canon XA10 we borrowed. So far things are looking nice. I can’t see a difference in image quality, but I can hear a bit of a difference in sound quality, but an external mic should solve that issue.

For a quick comparison here is a screen shot from our laptop.

Click to enlarge.

Canon Camera Test Screen Shot

We hope to get in gear and film a Dust Decal video with the new HG21 for posting in a couple weeks.

Right now the big question is whether or not we’ll reshoot all 50+ minutes of Revised Core Set Week we originally filmed on our Canon T2i.


The T2i is a great camera and capable of awesome stills, and under the right conditions it can do just as amazing video. In fact a similar camera was used to film some scenes in The Avengers, but we don’t have the $2000 dollar lenses, the amazing lighting setups, an awesome director of photography or Tony Stark. So, for us the advantages it brings to Hollywood are lost.

XA10                                                 HG21

81I-FOY2DPL__AA1500_            81CQtrky-dS__AA1500_

That’s why we're transitioning to the HG21, which is a few years old but for $400 USD we couldn’t get a better deal for such high quality (of course you’re not likely to find it for that price). The ‘21 debuted in 2009 to much fanfare and was around $2000 USD at the time these days you can get a new one for around  $1500, or $800 used. The ‘21 has video quality very comparable to the current flagship pro-sumer model the XA10, while the HG21 lacks some of the advanced audio abilities, it has a similar image sensor, and nearly twice the storage capacity with its built in 120GB Hard Drive. Also I feel it has a faster and more accurate auto-focus. So, if you have a tighter budget and are looking for XA10 quality and old HG model is not going to disappoint.

Happy filming.