Friday, January 25, 2013

Zombicide Custom Survivor #1

Today we have our first regular Zombicide post for our new weekly schedule. So to kick things off we thought we’d start with a custom survivor. Now, like many folks out there we saw FFG’s Adventurer’s Painted minis as a great way to add characters to Z’cide. But we’re going in a slightly different route, instead of trying to proxy the rare and limited Promo-Survivors; we’re creating completely new characters with their own stories, and fully unique skill sets.

So, now that the intro’s out of the way here is our first survivor…

Professor Hans Smicht


Professor Smicht was born in Germany but educated in England, he holds advanced degrees in Anthropology, Archeology, and more. Despite his age and timid demeanor he should never be underestimated. He has spent years tangling with smugglers, tomb robbers, and mercenaries making sure history’s treasures end up where they belong, “in a museum!” He’s never far from his .454 Casull revolver which packs almost a much punch as his right hook. Since the outbreak he’s been trying not only to stay alive but also to make sure man’s culture isn’t lost for the future generations, that is if there are any…

Well that's his story, and here is a special card to use for his starting pistol if you like (remember this is optional).


And as a special bonus we have another special card, this version allows the Prof. to fire all SIX shots from his revolver, but he’ll have to reload. It’s a bit overpowered but it’s just for fun.


It’s a pretty powerful gun, but it’s not enough initially to take out a Fatty and it won’t do much good against an Abomination. So keep that in mind. And finally there’s an action shot below.

Zombicide now in Cinema-Scope!!!


Happy Zombie Hunting, be sure to check here every Friday for more Zombicide customs and updates.

Special Bonus Update

Some comments from someone over at BBG inspired me to do something weird, but maybe very cool, I just made these so they’re not tested. Anyway, here’s what it is… I’ve fabbed up a special .454 card set that increases in power with the character, so when they hit level yellow for instance, they discard the level blue card and take the yellow one. This should make for some really powerful orange and red combos, but not make blue and yellow overly easy. I think this special card set should only be available to Hans, so no trading… But we’ll have to test it and see.

Each card is a separate image click to enlarge.


Happy gaming.