Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zombicide News: Spoilers, Updated Daily…

The folks at Guillotine Games have posted some images that give us some ideas of what may be coming in the Zombicide expansion. They’ve been posting a spoiler a day on their Facebook page. Who knows how long this will last but we’ll do our best to keep up with them.

This post is starting to become very long, from now on the older posts will be behind the read more. Only the todays spoiler will be up front, of course if you get to this page by direct link you’ll never notice. Also now the latest spoiler will be at the top with the oldest last. Also some of the image from the TGN story have been added to the end.

Feb. 07, 2013

Here is the latest from GG some more pages from the rulebook, looking at “Resurrection Mode” and the Mall and Parking structures tiles (not a prison). Looking at the example on resurrection, you can also see Hollow Point Bullets are a new item card.


Feb. 06, 2013

New figs: Zombivor Ned, Elsa, Toxic Zombie Walker Male #1, Zombivor Amy, Toxic Zombie Walker Male #2.


Feb. 05, 2013

More “Zombie Dogz” details. Note these appear to be a separate pack from the Toxic City Mall expansion, as the FB page lists this image as “Page 1” from the ZD rules. These guys will get a terrifying three activations per turn, so you really don’t want to end your turn in the same zone as one of them.


Feb. 04, 2013

(click to enlarge) It looks like the Toxic Abomination will be much cooler then just another Abom. He’ll be turning your plain walkers into TOXIC ones. Also we have way more info on Zombivors, they’re half zombie, their level yellow skill will vary from the standard “+1 Action,” and they’ll be able to take FIVE wounds!


Feb. 03, 2013

And now we have some rules for Toxic Zombies… (click to enlarge)


Feb. 02, 2013

Presumably: Zombivor Doug, Toxic Fatty, Derek, Toxic Runner, Zombivor Phil, and Toxic walker female.


Feb. 01, 2013

Update New Mall Tiles, and maybe a prison as well, see the extra thick walls near the bottom. Also note the tiles are “numbered” “M#” and “P#.” I assume for Mall and Prison. Much like I numbered my Grave Yard “G#.”


Jan. 31, 2013

Next we have the first look at an actual Zombivor card with new skills.

Jan. 30, 2013

First up there are zombie dogs coming, as can be seen on this new card. As mentioned above the Zombie Dogz may be their own mini expansion.

Well it looks like the Toxic City Mall will be quite the expansion.

Here are some older spoiler images that GG put out before this Daily Spoiler-Thon…

Toxic Walker


Here are some Toxic Walker figs, we now know they’ll be bright green.


Toxic Abomination







Zombivor Elsa


The Toxic Mall Cover ???


Zombivor Josh ???


Zombivor Phil


Zombivor Wanda


Survivor Kirk and Zombivor version, maybe Promo only?

546818_376044529148255_449024757_n   Kirk-Z

Kyoko and Zombivor version.

Kyoko     Kyoko-Z

This is an old image from May 06, 2012, so it’s hard to tell if it relates to anything.


I’ll keep updating this post as often as I can.

Happy Zombie Hunting.