Monday, February 4, 2013

Buck Rodgers: DT Allied Walker W.I.P.

I’m still pretty sick, so I haven’t been able to do any work this weekend. So till I’m better it will be filler content around here till then. Now other then convalescing, I’ve been playing around with some AT-43 and Dust Tactics models. I came up with this one, it looks pretty sci-fi hence the name “Buck Rodgers.”


The MCW M2-X1 was nicknamed Buck Rodgers by it test operators due to it overall science fiction appearance, and strangle shaped turret. The base sergeant could often be heard grumbling, “walking tanks we’re bad enough now they build this monster.” The Buck Rodgers is now seeing field testing in the North American zone of conflict, things look promising, but as of this moment the thing is just too expensive to build in large numbers.

So here’s the deal, this thing is built from a Dust Tactics Mickey ARV hull, an AT-43 Fire Crawler Turret, an AT-43 Defender Snake missile launcher, and an AT-43 Hussar missile launcher. None of the parts have been modified and are only dry fitted (no glue). The Fire Crawler’s turret had a lot of glue holding it on, so it took a lot to remove, but that was the only difficulty. If I decide to keep this configuration around I’ll be painting it in a more earthly color scheme.

Here is a sample unit card idea, nothing on this is final, but my main goal was to balance the power of the weapons with the fact that their limited use.

Buck Rodgers copy

If I’m lucky I’ll be over this flu, cold, whatever it is by the end of the week. Then I’ll get to do some recording.

Happy gaming.