Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Out sick today… Operation: Contagion

I’m still really in the dumps, I had planed to post a new Tannhauser Scenario today but I didn’t get any work done on it except some of the fiction. So here’s a preview.

Operation: Contagion

The year is 1951, and the recent discovery of the DNA molecule has been a great boon to the major powers of the Great War. With wartime scientific spending at astronomical levels it hasn’t taken the great powers long to begin to develop customized biological weapons, the most frightening of which is the Reich’s “Zeitgeist.”

Excerpt from a Union intelligence report on Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a bacteria designed to invade the human body and within 30 hours fully replace the body’s own mitochondria, the power house of the cell. By manipulating the bacteria’s telomeres the Reich’s scientists we’re able to create a bacteria with a “programmable” expiration date. After a set amount of time (which can be two weeks to yeas) the bacteria simultaneously die, taking the cells they had invaded with them. The infected are dead themselves within minutes. Currently there is no way to detect the infection as infected subjects are asymptomatic until death.

24 hours ago we dispatched Major MacNeal and his team…

But something’s gone wrong at the Reich facility, we’ve lost contact with the team…

See more next week and our custom Scenario: Operation: Contagion.