Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick easy custom Dust Axis Walker

Today we’ve got a simple custom unit the Luther III, why “III”? Read our previous article The Luther Confusion to find out.


This is just a standard Luther with it’s gun replaced with one of Ludwig’s massive 88mm cannons. This is great if you’re a fan of Luther’s Charge and Self Repair abilities as well as it’s claw’s close range effectiveness. But not so much a fan of it’s limited ability to take out enemy armor at long range.

(Click to enlarge)

Luther III

Basic differences between this and Luther: The point value is slightly increased due to the increase in anti-armor fire power, but it’s still not as powerful as Ludwig so the cost is a little lower. The biggest change is of course the new main gun which is approximately half the power of Ludwig’s dual guns.

After a little testing I really like this unit for fights against the older Allied armies without a lot of armor 3 infantry or any aircraft.

Happy gaming.