Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working on some Dust Trees…

I know it’s not Tannhauser related and this is Tuesday, but this is what I’m doing at the moment so I thought I’d share.


Note: it’s not attached to the base yet, as I may paint it a little more, but also this tree is free standing without any base so it is purely optional. The wider you make the root base the more stable it will be.


I think it looks pretty good for my first one, and this thing is cheap too!

It’s a toilet paper roll, some TP, some watered down PVA, some hot glue, and some moss (which I got in a bag for like $5 USD at A.C. More.) I painted the trunk with flat brown spray paint from the Rustoleum Camo line.

You can follow these directions from The DM’s Craft to learn how to build the trunk. But you may want to scale it back a little, I trimmed about a half inch off the TP roll before starting, and I kept my roots a little small (to fit with in the Dust base size, but if you’re not going to use a base, it’s not an issue).

After you get the trunk built, I used some extra “roots” to make braches and then layered on the moss to build out the canopy. Next time I’ll make a couple more branches to help make the tree top a little fuller.

Happy crafting.