Friday, February 8, 2013

Zombicide Custom Survivor #3

For today’s Friday Zombicide post we continue our custom survivor series with the Wilderness Scout Johnny, she has what I think is a unique skill set. Again, like or last survivor he’s based on one of FFG’s Pyramid of Horus Painted Minis.


Johnny is the only child of a former Marine, who as a single father really wished he’d had a boy to follow in his footsteps, but instead he got Johnny. She was always a bit of a tom-boy, what can you expect being raised by a lone Marine D.I. But when she asked to join the boys only Wilderness Scouts saying, “I want to shoot, not sell cookies!” Her dad was perplexed, but decided he’d help. He never could say no to her. He cut her hair dressed up in boys cloths and she joined the scouts at age 10.

A few years later the military began to allow women in combat, so too the scouts began to allow girls. She was able with the help of her scout leader, who’d long ago discovered her secret, become the first girl Master Scout. Then the end came… Now she uses her skills to stay alive, she was half a country from her father when the world stopped, and she’s been trying to find her way back to him ever since… she doesn't know if he’s alive or not.


Johnny has an optional equipment set, because Wilderness Scouts are always prepared she always keep these items with her. Place these items in her reserve slots. Only she may begin the game with this items, she may trade them to others, move then in to her hands, or she may discard them during her turn. If she begins the game with the following equipment, she may only be given a “Pan” as her starting weapon.

Click the cards for larger images.

EMPTY CARDS.inddYou’d be surprised what you can do with a good knot. She often uses rope to secure doors for the night so she can get some sleep.






EMPTY CARDS.inddShe master the art of picking locks when she was younger, she finds she can do amazing things with a Swiss Army knife.

You can use an action to open a door silently if this item is in your hand. It is not a weapon and cannot be used to attack. Zombies spawn as usual when opening a door with the Swiss Army knife.




EMPTY CARDS.inddHer father taught her to always carry a first aid kit just in case, these days she’d like to carry two, but they’re hard to come by.






Happy gaming, and we hope your enjoying our take on FFG Adventurer’s for Zombicide.