Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates…

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but it’s been extremely busy and stressful here. But here are some links you should check out.

Heroes of Normadie will be getting a Dust Universe Add on Paolo had hinted at DT coming to different scales, while this is not a minis game it is a different scale.

This is a Kickstarter with 30 days left, and its nearly met it’s goal already.

The Zombicide Kickstarter has had a lot of major updates, including the announcement of Survivors/Zombivors from Comic Book illustrators.

It ends in three days so time is running out.

In other news if all goes well we’ll be beta testers for the DT Second Edition, too bad it will all be top secret once we get started.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All the latest Dust Tactics Units Stats

Here are all the stat cards for the remainder of the Dust Tactics Icarus Wave units. Click to enlarge.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Dust Tactics Zombie Special

Today we have a triple length Dust Tactics video looking at all the currently available Zombie units for your Axis armies. We’ll look at all the Ubertoten, the Untertoten, as well as the Zombie Heroes Totenmeister and Grenadier X.

Sorry for the second video but we hit a file size limit. Oops.

Program Notes: We’re trying a lot of ne things in this video so there may be some issues with focus and timing let us know if were on the right track or should keep things the way they were.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Custom Zombicide Character the Madam…

We’re continuing our custom Tannhauser characters conversions for Zombicide, with…

Madam Durnitz


The Madam made her living in Amsterdam in a less then savory industry, until she met Karl Durnitz. Karl and her fell into the most extreme folie a duex. Quickly becoming one of Interpol's most wanted. As elite arms smugglers and thieves they cam into the employ of Dr. Totenkopf  Where they have remained ever since.

The Madam has two special weapons she can choose to start with.

First is the Wraith a leather whip with razor sharp wires woven into it, once around an opponents neck a quick flick of the wrist results in a quick and near painless decapitation.


Her second option is her beloved Mauser pistol a family heirloom. This powerful full auto pistol can be almost as effective as a SMG.


Enjoy, next week we hope to have an extremely impressive character for the Legion.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More details of the future of DUST…

In a recent interview with an Italian Blog, Paolo gave some more hints where Dust Tactics will be going in the near future.

  • First the Vrill will not be the fourth faction, however he did not note what the fourth faction will be.
  • The Vrill will be the Fifth faction.
  • The second edition will be out in the Autumn of this year, and will feature a new box set, and setup the background for the Fourth faction.
  • The new box will contain a single massive rule book collecting all the DT rules in one place. No major rules will be changed, but the will be a lot of minor tweaks and clarifications.
  • The next campaign will begin in Italy.
  • And finally we will begin to see full Sub-Factions, such as the Blutkreuz.

So to recap, a 4th and 5th faction, Sub-factions, 2nd Edition this fall.

All for now.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dust Tactics Paper Tents Zip Files

We have compressed our tents into two Zipped collections for easier downloading.

The First Collection is the Faction Specific Tent Collection (Allied, Axis, SSU)

Faction Specific DT Tents ZIP (14.3 MB)

The Second in a set of three Generic Tents (Desert, Artic, 4077th)

Generic DT Tents ZIP (15.1 MB)

These files are hosted on a Google Drive and can be a bit touchy, let me know if you have any issues.

For a look at the tents check out this post: Paper Tents...

All for now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Fan Submitted “X-Men” for Tannhauser

David from Colombia has been continuing his work on some X-Men heroes and villains for play in Tannhauser. Today we have his completed Card and Token Pack for the sinister Sabertooth. For more on this custom character for Tannhauser checkout last week’s post:

Sabertooth’s Equipment Packs, Custom TH conversion. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress so changes may yet be made.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nordwind from Dust Studio

Dust Studio has announced the first in new line of “Dustified” modified model kits. This Premium edition model is based on a German 234 Puma, produced by Tamiya and Italeri models. Dust Studio sells it to you fully painted and expertly assembled for $70.



Dust Studio has also developed a stat card and points for this unit, although I can’t say I’m impressed.


For those wanting to build one yourself all you need is a Tamiya Puma kit and the Turret from a Axis Transport Walker Pack, but of course it probably won’t look as nice.

Here’s a look at the Tamiya Puma for comparison.


That is all.

Paper Tents for Dust Tactics

I’ve been working on these for a while it took quite some time to create 100% original art and make sure they fit together right.

Our experimental tent rules:

  • Tents block line of sight for infantry and ground vehicles.
  • Infantry can enter the tent.
  • Infantry in a tent have line of sight though all the windows.
  • Infantry in a tent has Soft Cover.
  • Tents may be destroyed by any “Flame Weapon” to do so attack the tent normally, rolling dice for the weapon’s “Tank Armor 1” stat column, if you roll any Hits the tent is burned and removed from play.
  • A tent may be attacked by Flame Weapons whether or not it is occupied by an infantry squad. When attacking an occupied tent the attack does not target any squad inside it.
  • A ground vehicle may enter a space occupied by an empty tent, when doing so the tent is destroyed and removed from play.

(Click the images for PDF versions of each style. You’ll be taken to the Google Documents site, and shown a Low Res Preview, be sure to use the “File” menu to the upper left to Download the Original full files.)

Square Tent on single page copy

SSU Tent

Dark Desert Tent

axis tent

artic tent

I’ll have some pictures of one of these on the board later, after I assemble one with the final art.

When printed (with no resizing) and assembled they should be almost exactly 3.5x3.5 inches and fit very well inside a DT square.

Side Note: I wasn’t feeing well over the weekend so I wasn’t able to get the new Axis zombies on film yet, but trust me they’re on the way.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Legion of Totenkopf

Today we have the second half of our Tannhauser to Zombicide conversion. Z.E.D.s main enemies the Legion of Totenkopf. This group of “survivors” is designed similarly to Z.E.D. Team 6, in that they have some special equipment, double blue stating Skills (you only pick one of course), and they go through the color levels faster then standard survivors.

Terrorist organizations have always been a problem for society, but now in the world of a zombie apocalypse they have found new power in the chaos. The Legion of Totenkopf (the death’s head) was a minor cult like organization in eastern Europe until the zombies came, and gave them not only new opportunities but legions of fearful citizens ready to join their ranks. Unfortunately, very little is known about the membership or leaders of the Totenkopf.


But here’s what we do know.

Their leader is known as Doctor Totenkopf, we doubt that’s his real name but we have records of his activities as old as 1900. He appears to have died early in the outbreak only to rise as one of the so called “Zombivors.” This not only makes him a real threat, but helped to solidify his cult like status as a “zombie messiah.”


Special Skill: “Zombie lord” – During the Zombie Phase zombies must always move away from you. Even if noise or line of sight would cause zombies to move toward you, they must take an alternate route.

A side note on “Zombie Lord” when this skill was originally conceived for use with competitive games of Zombicide, but I decided it would be best to keep it more compatible with regular co-op play. However, for those interested in pitting the forces of the Legion against Z.E.D. in a fight in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse here is how the skill was originally conceived: Zombie lord – when drawing zombie spawn cards during the Zombie phase, the Zombie lord decides where the zombies will spawn. I.e. he choses which spawn point the zombies will be placed regardless of where the standard rules say those zombies should have been placed.

The second in command is Karl Durnitz an exceedingly tall and powerful zombivor, very little is known about his life. Although there are some arrest reports for neo-fascist activities in Germany in the late ‘90s.


Karl has multiple instances of the skill “Roll 6: +1 die Combat” this not only provides him with multiple chances to gain that skill. But these are also cumulative: i.e. if he choses the skill twice then he’d roll TWO extra combat dice whenever he rolls a 6. As he may choose the “Roll 6: +1 die Combat” skill three times he may roll a maximum of THREE extra dice per 6 rolled. This is an extremely powerful ability, but as you should be facing a large highly active hoard things should remain balanced.

Durnitz also carries a specially modified Borchardt C-96 he calls “Doom” it’s a very powerful gun.


The majority of their forces consist of followers these are living humans who simply call themselves Legion, Some of them spend so much time in the presence of the undead they seem to have some sort of link to the zombie hoards.


Every member of the Legion hopes to die in the service of Totenkopf and be reborn as the Risen Legion. The fierce warriors are already beginning to show signs of mutation. When a Legion dies and is Resurrected they become a Risen Legion.


The Risen are “armed” with Mutated Claws… This item is a physical part of the Risen Legion may not be traded, dropped, destroyed, nor is it removed when the Risen Legion suffers a wound.


Unlike normal survivors players may have as many duplicates of the Legion and Risen Legion in their group as they wish.

The Legion of Totenkopf is not interested in saving everyone, but they will “gladly” help those who join their ranks, they will work with normal survivors willing to submit to the will of Totenkopf. They will not work with members of Z.E.D. whom they consider their mortal enemies.

Happy gaming.

Weekly Zombicide Season 2 Update

Wow, has this been a crazy week for Season 2….

Zombicide: Season 2 -- Kicktraq Mini

Who thinks they’ll hit 2 Million.

All for now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Out of the Office…

I’m going to be out of the office for the next couple days. I have some work to catch up on. I get to any emails Friday, and I’ll be posting our second Zombicide Team based on the Reich from the Tannhauser Core Set.

Dust Tactics Video Series: Special Ops

Today we take a look at both the Axis and the Allies’ Special Ops units of snipers and observers. We also take a minute to look back at the SSU snipers to compare their weapons with these older units.

First up the Axis…

Next up the Allies…

All for now, and be sure to check back here Monday when we look at all of the Axis Zombie units.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tannhauser Fan Submission W.I.P.

Sorry for that late post today, but I had to be out most of the afternoon, but hey better late than never though.

David from Colombia has been working on some custom characters based on Marvel’s Wolverine and Sabertooth. These are yet to be completed but they show a lot of potential. If your looking for figures for Wolverine or Sabertooth, or any Marvel character for that matter be sure to check out the HeroClix product line.


wolwerinepaint copy copy

BONECLAWSgarras de huesowolwerinetoken



biogenetic claw copy

garra copytokensabretooth

blank combat command card[3] copyreich token[2] copytokensabretooth

Well hope you enjoy this preview of David’s creation, we’ll post the completed versions when they’re ready.

That is all.

Zombicide Delivery Van/Barricade…

No Tannhauser post till later today, but since the Z’cide Kickstarter is going on I thought an extra post of two for Zombicide over the next couple weeks would not be too much.

So here is a new drivable “car” based on a Steel Rat creation. Remember to print them at 2 inches by 4 inches.

CargoVan 1

Also here is a new concept based loosely on the new barricade rules from the TCM expansion. A survivor can spend three actions to flip the van on to it’s side creating a permanent barricade. This Barricade can never be removed, but it’s still not wide enough to block off a street without a second standard barricade. I’m still testing this so feel free to make suggestions.

CargoVan 2

Well that’s it for today.

Zombicide KS Clears the $1,000,000.oo Mark

The Zombicide season 2 Kickstarter just cleared the 1000K mark, and there’s still 19 days to go.



Monday, March 11, 2013

Dust Tactics Video Series: Loth

Today we continue our look at the “classic” Dust Tactic units with Loth.

Happy watching.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Zombicide Bonus

I’ve been working on a two story house concept for a while now, and here are the first working prototypes. Keep in mind these are 100% original, so they may not match Zombicide exactly.

Here is the first floor with the street, this tile is placed normally. (click to enlarge)

Corner 2 Story House 1st floor

Here is the second floor tile, which is placed near the first floor, but separate from the main map. Currently there is no line of sight from the second floor to the streets, but I have plans for “window” tokens that function like doors to allow vision out of the second floor (you’ll have to use the first floor to judge what can be seen).

Corner 2 Story House 2nd Floor

These haven’t been printed yet as my medium format printer is out of ink, so play-testing is yet to start.

All for now.

Tannhauser and Zombicide

Yesterday we posted our custom Zombicde team based on the Union characters from FFG’s Tannhauser Core Set. Today we have a couple of size comparison images.

First up male and female figures from the Z’cide, The Union, The Reich, and The Adventurers figure set also from FFG. Click to enlarge.


This second image is the Union core figures with a selection of Season 1 Zombies from Zombicide. Click to enlarge.


That is all.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Zombicide: Custom “Z.E.D. Team 6”

Today we have a gigantic Zombicide custom characters set for both our Zombicide fans and our Tannhauser fans. (All characters are based on the Union squad from FFG’s Tannhauser (Core Set)).

Just what is Z.E.D.?

The United States Department of Zombie Eradication and Defense

or Z.E.D. for short.

ZED copy

Z.E.D. was created by a secret cadre of U.S. government officials from the CIA, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, the CDC, and the Department of Energy. It was created in response to a growing concern that the rumors of a zombie threat was real. It’s goal was to create specialized teams that could prevent minor zombie outbreaks from becoming the apocalypse. However, they we’re too late. Only a couple of response teams were operational before the end came to our world.

Who is Z.E.D. Team 6?

One of these teams (Z.E.D. Team 6) commanded by Major Jack Shepard, is still trying fulfill its primary mission objectives: destroy the zombie threat, establish safe havens for surviving citizens, and restore government control of the nation.

Dashboard notes: to balance out the power of the teams starting weapons, these characters go through color levels faster then regular characters. Also note the blue level options, these function like other color levels in the sense that you only pick one of them when the game begins. However, note that you do not gain a second blue level option when playing Ultrared Mode.


Maj. Shepherd’s second in command is Sargent Dwayne Lincoln, a tough mountain of man specializing in heavy weapons.


The next team member is Corporal Lisa Longknife the youngest daughter in a long line of “Indian Scouts” she specializes in demolition, but is also cross-trained as a field medic.


Next up is Private First Class, Ed Thompson, light on his feet, and an expert marksmen he’s been an indispensable team member.


Last but not least is the teams resident pyromaniac PFC. James Edwards, he’s the kind of guy you want around when an Abomination shows up.


Optional Rule: As the zombie hoards will be coming at hard and fast you may ease the challenge by using this rule: All members of Z.E.D. can suffer Three wounds before being eliminated.

Well that’s the team, but Z.E.D. wasn’t just about putting together the right people is was about developing the right weapons and equipment.