Friday, March 22, 2013

Custom Zombicide Character the Madam…

We’re continuing our custom Tannhauser characters conversions for Zombicide, with…

Madam Durnitz


The Madam made her living in Amsterdam in a less then savory industry, until she met Karl Durnitz. Karl and her fell into the most extreme folie a duex. Quickly becoming one of Interpol's most wanted. As elite arms smugglers and thieves they cam into the employ of Dr. Totenkopf  Where they have remained ever since.

The Madam has two special weapons she can choose to start with.

First is the Wraith a leather whip with razor sharp wires woven into it, once around an opponents neck a quick flick of the wrist results in a quick and near painless decapitation.


Her second option is her beloved Mauser pistol a family heirloom. This powerful full auto pistol can be almost as effective as a SMG.


Enjoy, next week we hope to have an extremely impressive character for the Legion.