Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dust Tactics gets a new FAQ…

FFG posted a new FAQ and Updated Tournament Rules for Dust Tactics yesterday evening, check them out here:Bring Powerful Intel to Your Battles.

From the FFG news:

Hello Dust Tactics fans! It's time for another FAQ update. In this document, we answer rules questions about aircraft, dim light, and underground combat. We’ll also shed light on skills like Tank Riders and Take Aim, take a closer look at the USMC Mortar Team and the Fireball, and much more! The biggest addition to the FAQ is an entire section that breaks down rules for units that take up two spaces on the battlefield. We go into detail concerning legal movements, entering the battlefield, unit targeting, and the ways to change a two-spacer's orientation during the game. This is the most comprehensive FAQ to date, and it will surely come in handy when times get tough on the battlefield. Download it today from the Dust Tactics support page

Happy gaming.