Thursday, March 21, 2013

More details of the future of DUST…

In a recent interview with an Italian Blog, Paolo gave some more hints where Dust Tactics will be going in the near future.

  • First the Vrill will not be the fourth faction, however he did not note what the fourth faction will be.
  • The Vrill will be the Fifth faction.
  • The second edition will be out in the Autumn of this year, and will feature a new box set, and setup the background for the Fourth faction.
  • The new box will contain a single massive rule book collecting all the DT rules in one place. No major rules will be changed, but the will be a lot of minor tweaks and clarifications.
  • The next campaign will begin in Italy.
  • And finally we will begin to see full Sub-Factions, such as the Blutkreuz.

So to recap, a 4th and 5th faction, Sub-factions, 2nd Edition this fall.

All for now.