Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Zombicide Bonus

I’ve been working on a two story house concept for a while now, and here are the first working prototypes. Keep in mind these are 100% original, so they may not match Zombicide exactly.

Here is the first floor with the street, this tile is placed normally. (click to enlarge)

Corner 2 Story House 1st floor

Here is the second floor tile, which is placed near the first floor, but separate from the main map. Currently there is no line of sight from the second floor to the streets, but I have plans for “window” tokens that function like doors to allow vision out of the second floor (you’ll have to use the first floor to judge what can be seen).

Corner 2 Story House 2nd Floor

These haven’t been printed yet as my medium format printer is out of ink, so play-testing is yet to start.

All for now.