Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tannhauser Fan Submission W.I.P.

Sorry for that late post today, but I had to be out most of the afternoon, but hey better late than never though.

David from Colombia has been working on some custom characters based on Marvel’s Wolverine and Sabertooth. These are yet to be completed but they show a lot of potential. If your looking for figures for Wolverine or Sabertooth, or any Marvel character for that matter be sure to check out the HeroClix product line.


wolwerinepaint copy copy

BONECLAWSgarras de huesowolwerinetoken



biogenetic claw copy

garra copytokensabretooth

blank combat command card[3] copyreich token[2] copytokensabretooth

Well hope you enjoy this preview of David’s creation, we’ll post the completed versions when they’re ready.

That is all.