Friday, March 1, 2013

Zombicide Custom Survivor #6

It’s Friday again so it’s time for Zombicide, and we’re going to finish out our FFG Adventurers (The Adventurers painted figures) conversions with…



“The Butcher of Bogotá”

Santiago was an enforcer for a variety of the Colombian Cartels famous for hacking his victims in to chunks. But one day he got tired of a life in a never ending war of cartel vs. cartel vs. the government. But there’s no way out of the system, except one…

He turned states evidence for the Americans, the DEA was beside themselves with joy when he walked in their door. His testimony would eventually send the majority of his current cartel, and half of their rivals to prisons all around the Western Hemisphere. He felt good to be out, living a quiet life in Barstow AZ.

But then the end came… and now his old skills are the only thing keeping him alive.


Optional Rules for Santiago

Normally Santiago starts with two machetes, but if you’d like you can exchange one of his machetes for the following equipment card.

Fresh Meat:

Nobody knows where Santiago gets this stuff, and no one is brave enough to ask either. But it does attract zombies like nobody’s business.


As an action you may discard this card and place the Meat Token in your current zone. Then during the Zombie Phase all zombies will move toward the token, regardless of what they can see or hear. As soon as any Zombie Phase ends with zombies in the same zone as the Meat Token, the token is removed from the board, and on the next Zombie Phase zombies will move as usual.

Or if you prefer to keep things challenging the meat token is simply removed at the beginning of the next turn.

Meat Token: it is meant to be printed the same size as the other objective tokens.


Happy gaming.