Friday, March 8, 2013

Zombicide: Custom “Z.E.D. Team 6”

Today we have a gigantic Zombicide custom characters set for both our Zombicide fans and our Tannhauser fans. (All characters are based on the Union squad from FFG’s Tannhauser (Core Set)).

Just what is Z.E.D.?

The United States Department of Zombie Eradication and Defense

or Z.E.D. for short.

ZED copy

Z.E.D. was created by a secret cadre of U.S. government officials from the CIA, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, the CDC, and the Department of Energy. It was created in response to a growing concern that the rumors of a zombie threat was real. It’s goal was to create specialized teams that could prevent minor zombie outbreaks from becoming the apocalypse. However, they we’re too late. Only a couple of response teams were operational before the end came to our world.

Who is Z.E.D. Team 6?

One of these teams (Z.E.D. Team 6) commanded by Major Jack Shepard, is still trying fulfill its primary mission objectives: destroy the zombie threat, establish safe havens for surviving citizens, and restore government control of the nation.

Dashboard notes: to balance out the power of the teams starting weapons, these characters go through color levels faster then regular characters. Also note the blue level options, these function like other color levels in the sense that you only pick one of them when the game begins. However, note that you do not gain a second blue level option when playing Ultrared Mode.


Maj. Shepherd’s second in command is Sargent Dwayne Lincoln, a tough mountain of man specializing in heavy weapons.


The next team member is Corporal Lisa Longknife the youngest daughter in a long line of “Indian Scouts” she specializes in demolition, but is also cross-trained as a field medic.


Next up is Private First Class, Ed Thompson, light on his feet, and an expert marksmen he’s been an indispensable team member.


Last but not least is the teams resident pyromaniac PFC. James Edwards, he’s the kind of guy you want around when an Abomination shows up.


Optional Rule: As the zombie hoards will be coming at hard and fast you may ease the challenge by using this rule: All members of Z.E.D. can suffer Three wounds before being eliminated.

Well that’s the team, but Z.E.D. wasn’t just about putting together the right people is was about developing the right weapons and equipment.

The XM-27-ZED is a specialized assault rifle designed just for anti-zombie fighting.


The XM-349-ZED is a specialized heavy machine gun capable of taking out almost any zombie out there. However, it makes a hell of a lot of noise.


The ZVGs are a combination night vision, infrared vision system allowing soldiers to not only see in the dark, but tell humans from zombies at a distance.


TNT is an improvised explosive device, the concussive force is quite spectacular.


The AN-M14 is a thermite incendiary/explosive device burns at thousands of degrees, it will burn almost any zombie to ash in seconds, but is has a far more limited range then a standard explosive device.


These weapons become even more effective when combined with the training and expertise of the Z.E.D. Team members. But their almost as dangerous to civilians as they are to Zombies, so no one other then Z.E.D. members may use them.

Z.E.D. only equipment is indicated by the ZED copysymbol in the upper left corner.

Well that’s the team, and their gear, any questions?

What about Zombivors?

A note on Zombivors: Z.E.D. considers them zombies and will take them out like any other zombie, no trying to save them, no working together. Whenever a Z.E.D. team member makes a ranged attack, Zombivors have the highest target priority, regardless of equipment or skills. The Z.E.D. team members are also given a “vaccine” which reacts with the zombie virus causing instant death, so they will never “Resurrect”. Better dead then zed.

Well I hope you Tannhauser and Zombicide fans enjoy this custom, I tried to create a dynamic and balanced team while keeping some of the flavor of the original Tannhauser characters. I also worked hard to make the equipment match not only the figures, but also feel a little like the original TH equipment, of course it’s all been modernized.

Happy gaming.