Saturday, April 20, 2013

A note from Paolo on DT in 1/100 scale (15mm)

Dear friends, allow me to clarify this for good. :)
Olivier and l just LOVE the 1/100 scale and we dream about a game of larger battles for DUST, yes.
No, DT and DW scales are not going to change. We stick to our scale and we are already creating the models that will be released in 2015. No worries.
But of course we would love to make a new game in the future for use with 1/100 models, this would add a new dimension to our gaming universe but would not be intended to replace the existing one.
Plus the walkers in a smaller scale just look sooooo cool ;)
We are talking to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the moment, but this does not mean this is happening soon.
No changing, no/no.
Thanks to all for liking and enjoying our work!

This all stems from his mention of DT/DW coming to smaller scales in an interview last month or so. So no worries. But if you can’t wait Dust units will be cominf to the smaller scale (albeit in cardboard cutout form) in Heroes of Normandie, that is of course if you pledge to their Kickstarter.