Monday, April 29, 2013

Building A Dust Tactics Army List

We’re finally going to be getting back to filming soon, and we’re going to get started with some Dust Tactics army lists. But before that I wanted to spend some time discussing my Dust Tactics meta-game philosophy.

I divide army list for most game into three broad categories: Tournament Play, Thematic, and Experimental.


First lets talk about Tournament Play. These army lists are heavily influenced by the current state of the game and the trends in tournaments. For example in the current state of the game being able to “Out Activate” your opponent will go along way toward ensuring a victory. This is why you see so many cheap observer units in champion army lists.

The other thing you might notice in tournament games is the lists are often very infantry heavy. This ties in with the idea of having more activations, but it also allows a player to move through small spaces and enter structures that vehicles could not.

Moving on we have my favorite type the Thematic Army List, which has two sub types the Historical and the Technological. An Historical army list is just what it sounds like, and army meant to resemble an actual military unit. For example if you wanted to make a Dust version of an American armored platoon. You’d want to use three to four medium walkers a couple light walkers, and maybe a heavy walker. Or if you wanted to make an army resembling a German Panzer Grenadier platoon, you’d want to focus on infantry, and have a couple of transports for that infantry.


As you can see the Thematic army is not designed to focus on gameplay strategy alone but give your army a cohesive feel. This holds true of the Technological Army as well, and is perhaps even more true.

In a Technological Army List you build your army around a single piece of unique tech. For the Axis for instance, you can build a 300 point army armed almost entirely with lasers. While lasers can be very powerful they do have their drawbacks. And without any more traditional weapons to counter the lasers shortcoming you are creating a challenge for yourself. In my opinion that’s what makes these types of armies fun, the inherent challenge of overcoming an enemy with not exactly the “best” army can be real fun.

Finally we have the Experimental Army, this is where you try something new. This is usually the result of a new purchase, but it can also come about out of curiosity. Often experimental armies won’t win any tournaments, much like many thematic armies. But this is often a chance to play something you might not otherwise try.

In our upcoming videos we’ll be focusing on Thematic Armies and friendly games, but we’ll be sure mention how many of these fun thematic lists can be adapted to Tournament play. We’ll also try and show off some extremely well rounded armies for each faction that should be able to fight almost any enemy.

Happy Gaming.