Monday, April 22, 2013

More Details on the Dust Mod for HON

The Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter is ending soon, so if any you Dust fans want to get the exclusive Dust mod you need to act fast. We played the demo game last night and found it to be fast paced and simple to pick up. With even only a small number of units and simple scenario the ability to create deep tactical and strategic gameplay was obvious. We’ll have more on the demo game later, get your print and play demo HERE. In the meantime here is a list of all the Dust units that will appear in the Dust Mod. (According to their updates you can double the number of DT units for an additional 15 pounds sterling.) I hope that in the future we’ll see some more DT units make their way to the 15mm cardboard world of HON.


Axis :

Ludwig (Panzer Kampflaüfer), Heinrich (Panzer Aufklärerlaüfer 1-A), Hans (Panzer Aufklärerlaüfer 1-A), Laser Grenadiers, Heavy Recon Grenadiers, Axis Gorillas, Axis Zombie (just one), Sigrid, Markus and Totenmeister.


Hot Dog (medium combat walker M2-B), Pounder (medium combat walker M2-C), Honey (light assault walker M1-C), Wildfire (light assault walker M1-A), BBQ squad (Rangers), Recon Boys (Rangers), Grim Reaper (Heavy Rangers), Devil's Own (Brits commando), Bazooka Joe and Rhino.

I’m a little disappointed Rosie didn’t make the cut for the Allies punchboard, but oh well.

Happy gaming.