Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will we be doing HoN Customs…Yes!

Some folks have already asked if we’ll be doing customs for Heroes of Normandie, the short answer is Yes. The longer answer is we’ll starting with the Tannhauser base characters around which we’ll build two full platoons around 300 points each. But don’t expect to see these completed until after the HoN September launch. Next on our custom list will be expanding the Dust universe offerings for HoN starting with more vehicles.

We do have a sample of what we’re working on, obviously these aren’t done yet. But here is an example of Maj. MacNeal from the Tannhauser base game Union team. With his hero “card”, and the front and back sides of his play token.

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HON-Tannhauser copy1HoN-Tann-Officer copy1HoN-Tann-Officer copy1B

Over the next few months we’ll be building up our collection of resource files, most of which will need a lot of work. We also don’t want to do too much work on these as the Devil Pig guys are still making changes, and we’re not going to want to do things twice.

Well all for today, enjoy.