Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disabling the Runway a DT Scenario

I’ve been experimenting with creating some specialized units like Combat Engineers and some others. But I’m going to focus today on what the modern army calls Sappers. Sappers are responsible for clearing the way for the Allies to move through enemy forces, they are also responsible for more traditional demolition type missions, used to deny the enemy resources, or supply.

In this scenario you may use the Icarus maps configured as on page 21 of Operation Icarus (without the huts). Or you can create a map with tiles 2 x 6 tiles divided in half along the long axis. One half is the airfield runway, and the other is parking area, or hangers.

The defending player places all terrain. They may use any type of 3D terrain they want so long as at least 15 squares of the non-runway half of the map are covered. No terrain may be placed on the runway.

Now that the map’s setup, here is the mission and forces. This is designed to be an Allies vs. any enemy scenario.

The forces deploy along the narrow sides of the map.

The Allies force is 200 AP and one Class Two Infantry unit is designated as the Sapper team. Give this unit the six mine markers included with Icarus (or any other convenient maker). These are their cratering charges designed to make the airfield unusable.

The Sapper team must use one action to place a cratering charge, The charges must be placed on the runway side of the map and must be at least 3 squares apart. Once placed they can never be removed, further if any enemy unit enters a space containing a charge the Allied player can choose to detonate it early destroying the enemy unit.

The Sappers must place at least 4 charges on the runway to win. The Allied force wins as soon as any turn ends with 4 undetonated charges on the map.

For the defending force their army may be 200-250 AP, and may only include 100 points of vehicles, armor class 3 infantry, or a mix of both. They win as soon as they destroy the Sapper team, or if all 4 charges have not been placed by the end of turn 8.