Thursday, May 2, 2013

HoN Demo Video Series…

Well it’s a little rough thanks to my tablet craping out and not having a contingency plan for that. I guess it’s paper print outs from now on.

But anyway here it is my camera is set up with 2GB cuts so each video can be uploaded to YouTube for free so the first 35 or so minutes is in four parts. To watch all the video in order you can also click on the playlist link below.

YouTube Playlist for HoN

First is component overview, and a look at the units.

Second is continuing the look at the units and some functional rule examples.

Third is most of the turn examples.

The final minute is just wrap-up.

Next we have a special Beyond the Demo video looking at LOS and Combat between vehicles and larger tokens.

Thanks for watching. Any corrections will be posted below as I find errors or as folks point them out.

Program Notes: None Yet.