Friday, May 3, 2013

What does the Battlefront takeover mean…

What does the Battlefront takeover mean for us gamers?

Well hopefully not much. Because FFG was only the distributer and everything was manufactured in Hong Kong by Dust Studios or their contractors. We shouldn’t see any major or unexpected changes.

Remember we already know that the Second Edition Rules are coming, likely with a new Core Set. We also know that there will be a price increase later this year. Paolo has stated that this was bound to happen due to cost increases in manufacturing.

But many folks still seem confused by the whole situation. So for clarification on the whole situation I went directly to Paolo Parente of Dust Studio for answers, here’s what he had to say:

FTE: Could you please clarify Dust Studios relationship with FFG and will your relationship with Battlefront be any different? I.e. Did you make everything and FFG just handled Marketing and Distribution, or did they have a hand in the manufacturing of Dust T/W?

Paolo:The relationship should be very clear, Dust Studio owns the IP, designs and manufactures.

Battlefront now and FFG before market/distribute the products.

Warfare is a licensed product entirely made by FFG (the only ones capable of shooting pictures of Snow Camouflaged Walkers on a field of GREEN GRASS). Battlefront will take over it, and maybe they will just use Vincent Fontaine`s Wonderful Pictures...

FTE: Will we players notice any major changes in the games? Many people "blame" FFG for the changed point system in the Revised Edition, that they didn't like. Will anything similar happen as we change from FFG to Battlefront?

Paolo: No need to blame no one! FFG believed that our point system was not efficient, they proposed the new one, we accepted.

Fans should remember that FFG has kept this line alive for the past 3 years, please let`s not forget that. We have a lot of gratitude towards FFG and their support.

Battlefront is certainly promising us a better future, let`s dive into it!



Thank you for your time and answers Paolo.