Thursday, June 20, 2013

Help out with the next DT FAQ

From Facebook…

Hi guys and gals,

it's time to prepare another Dust Tactics FAQ to replace the old one. Of course I need your help to do so (I'm supposed to only have answers!).

So please post all rules clarifications questions below and make sure what you're asking is not already in the rules (or suffer my eternal wrath).

Even if it has already been answered elsewhere, a post here will make sure to get the answer in the final document.

Thank you all for your help,


Follow this link:

Happy Gaming.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dust Studio Officially Announces the Price Increase

We all knew this was coming so I’ll just get to it.

Dear Customers,

After striving to keep the prices of DUST fixed since its launch over three years ago it is now time to deal with the ever increasing costs of manufacturing and increase our prices. We do not do this lightly and hope it will be at least another three years before we have to do this again but there is simply no way of avoiding that everything costs more to make over time. On the 1st August this year we will be increasing the prices of our Premium range available through our website. My thanks goes to all our customers in understanding why this change in prices is necessary.

Paolo Parente

Thankfully, at this time it look like only the Premium items will be seeing any changes, but don’t be surprised if this trickles down to the regular items in the near future.

Happy gaming.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some More Tannhauser Fan Art.

Here is some more Tannhauser fan art from Jeppe Rømer from Denmark. Today’s selection focuses on the ladies of Operation Novgorod.

130609 Irina130613 Irishka 03130613 Zor'ka

Happy gaming.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Latest HoN Updates…

Here are the punch board for the alternate rifle platoons with more foot soldiers.


Happy gaming.

New DT Unit Stats from Paolo…

Paolo recently posted some new unit stats over on the Dust Fans Facebook page. The stats are for a “Dustifyed” German halftrack, that first appeared as a promotional image for the Axis weapon set available HERE.


It’s unclear at this time if this will be a limited offer from Dust Studio like the Norwind or simply a new card to play around with.

In other Paolo related FB news Paolo had this to say about some older Dust 48 model kits.

“…(Barking Dog, Recon Mickey and Jagdluther) will be released as REGULAR DT/DW models in full plastic and primed.
We will stop selling the resin versions very soon. :)
The stats will remain unchanged. So those of you who own the model-kit will just need to request their card at our customer service.
With time we plan to release the full D48 range as DT/DW in full plastic, yes/yes... with time.”

Happy Dustifying.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Latest from DPG’s Heroes of Normandie

The Devil Pigs have posted a couple more preview of some of the more strange elements from their Actung! Cthulhu Expansion.


May I just say… RUN! FISHMEN!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dust News from Olivier of Dust Studio

Hi everyone,

it's been a while since I last gave you some news, I don't have much to say at the moment but a little update from time to time can't hurt!

We're working hard on the next wave of releases, that are now entering production (some are already done I guess). Expect news for all three armies, many things never seen so far for some, and old heroes making a comeback. The new campaign will take you to a familiar place (Zverograd) but will introduce an entirely new gameplay and a new type of unit. More on that in the next few weeks.

As you surely know by now Battlefront is our new partner and they are hard at work to bring all their expertise and experience to Dust. As I said in my last rant, things take time but believe me nobody is slacking. If you're here then you have to be pretty familiar with what we do: you know we aim only for the best possible. So yeah, sometimes things take longer than expected.

I try to stay on top of everything's that is discussed here but it's quite difficult: I'm getting old and have a ton of work on my own. I'm sorry if I miss some things or forget that a question was asked in a post. Feel free to remind me if the delay for an answer seems a bit long.

One thing that caught my eye though was some controversy lately about the Dust Devils International organization and how we want Organized Play and Tournaments to be, well, organized. First let me make something clear: the Devils are 100% official. It's something Paolo and I wanted for a long time and it's finally coming to life. I guess we explained it poorly (or thought we had) but I'll try it again: THE DEVILS ARE US! I'm not going to continue the rant on this topic for now (but will do next time), but I hope at least it's clearer now.

Related to this topic, I was very disappointed to see members of this group exchange very harsh words with each other. I don't know and don't care who started / who's right / wrong / etc. But we are a gaming group that gather around a common passion: Dust. I know that sometimes a passion can provoke high emotions (that's what it is for!) but not of this type. In short: GAME = FUN. DUST = FUN. RESULT = DOUBLE FUN! Simple, right?

Until next time, happy gaming ;)

Olivier, for the Dust Studio Team.

The Complete Dust Armies for HoN

The guys at Devil Pig Games have just posted the complete Dust armies for their Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter. These ate near complete with only some minor tweaks left to be made. I don’t see the “Recruitment Templates” yet so there may be one more punch board to go.

Update from Clem of DPG:

The Dust tiles are designed to be included in the regular HoN recruitment tiles as "neutral" recruitment option. Standard HoN soldiers are the regular troops and Dust units are the elite troops. This is a real cross over between these two games.
Or you can recruit your Dust troops freely.

If the Dust team gives us a "go", we will produce Dust commandment recruitment tiles and other stuff from this universe.


Both armies are well balanced with only 5 points difference between them. (665 pts. for US and 660 for German)

Happy waiting.

Incursion to reboot on Kickstarter

If you don’t know about it, Incursion is a weird war skirmish board game, lying somewhere between Tannhauser and Dust Tactics in genera.


In the coming months Grindhouse Games will be launching a Kickstarter to reboot the game and help fund the creation of plastic minis based on their wonderful metal miniatures.


From their blog…

Once more unto the breach

posted 2013 Jun by Jim Bailey

Okay, let's open it up. Let's just kick the door down and get right into it, shall we? John Roberts and I are heading up a re-release of Incursion. Yeah, it's gonna be a Kickstarter. Cat's out of the bag now! If only I had that tool when I first set out to do this thing.. The game maintains a stratospheric 8 out of 10 on Board Game Geek and has a die-hard fanbase. Why? It's a damned good game and it's authentic. Don't take my word. Go read all the reviews, Go see what more >>

I’ve been following Incursion for but have yet to dive in, so I’m quite intrigued by this news. Well it will be a few weeks till we see what all they’ll be offering, let’s all wait and see.

Happy Gaming.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Up close and personal with HoN’s Zeds…

The guys at DPG have been churning out the undead hoards for our enjoyment.

Now enjoy them in all their full size gory… I’m mean glory.

Be sure to click to see the clearer version. Or check out DPG’s post: More Zombies...

image-272096-full (1)

image-272096-full (1)

image-272096-full (1)

image-272096-full (1)

image-272096-full (1)

image-272096-full (1)

Happy running… from the zombies that is…

Tannhauser Fan Art by Jeppe Rømer

Today we have some Tannhauser fan created art by Jeppe Rømer from Denmark.

Today we have four of Tannhauser’s favorite heroes presented in Jeppe’s own unique style. Feel free to click for the full size versions.


Happy Drawing.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The HoN More Zombie Punch Board

The guys at Devil Pig just posted a look at their More Zombies exclusive add on for the Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter.

Also Clem of DPG has said, “ A lot of small terrain elements (trees, haystacks, fence...) will be available to download on our website.”



HoN Cover Illustration Final Version




Friday, June 7, 2013

First Look at Dust for Heroes of Normandie

Here’s is our first look ah the Dust Mod for HoN…

These appear to be created from actual images of the figures and models, which should make creating additional units for the Dust Mod a little easier. We’ll have a prototype of one of our DT/HoN units in the coming weeks.



We’ll have more on these later…

Happy waiting…

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Latest from Devil Pig Games…

Here’s the latest update from DPG for the Heroes of Normandie game. An how appropriate that today is D-Day the start of the actual Normandy invasion.

Today's the 6th of June, a very important day for us, at Devil Pig Games and for everybody else. I won't make a speech about sacrifice, blood and heroism... You know what i mean.

We're working hard for the game, for you and for us. It takes time because we want to provide the best product, because we want to do our best and better, because you deserve it.

Laurent has finished the scenarios for the core game box and he's working on the scenario sets. We had a lot of ideas about them and now his tough job is to make them clear and playable.

Yann is still working on the units and next week will show new punchboards.

The terrain tiles are done for the core game box and we will show them to you as soon as Yann's computer is able to process them with the heavy badass Photoshop filter. It should be fixed tonight.
We're waiting now for the next ones (river, beach, town...). The illustrator told us it's gonna’ be a blast !

I finished the rules and now they're being re-read/ re-wright by a professional. Same for the cards. So meantime I'm working on the DUST units and I'll show you some soon (tomorrow ?).

Happy Gaming.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Naruto for Tannhauser?! (Fan Submission)

While this is not my cup of tea, who am I to arbitrate what folks like. I believe that all submissions so long as they conform to our guidelines deserve a fair chance. So, to that end. here is Tyler’s Naruto creation for Tannhauser.

Naruto Character sheet

You can obtain all the files necessary for Mr. Uzumaki in the PDF linked below.

Naruto PDF Cards, Tokens, Etc

While the creator made no suggestion as to which faction he should be played with: I guess it’s up to you. Will you folks play him as a Nipponese Agent or as an Allied spy working to undermine the dark plans of the Han’ei Project?

Happy Shippuden!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dust Chronicles Issue #6

Dust Chronicles the online Dust fanzine has just released issue 6 find it below.

Is Operation Babylon Next?

Paolo recently posted this image over on Facebook. It in reference to a possible figure based on Patrick Doty (see quote below).

But as you can see the image also features a new “operation logo” for Babylon, featuring a stylized lion or griffin along with an NDAK style palm tree. I’m sure we’ll know more soon as Battle Front take over Dust officially today.


Patrick Doty those pictures that l insisted taking of you in Arizona were premeditated...
next step? we need to get the figurine sculpted :)” –Paolo

Happy gaming.