Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dust Studio Officially Announces the Price Increase

We all knew this was coming so I’ll just get to it.

Dear Customers,

After striving to keep the prices of DUST fixed since its launch over three years ago it is now time to deal with the ever increasing costs of manufacturing and increase our prices. We do not do this lightly and hope it will be at least another three years before we have to do this again but there is simply no way of avoiding that everything costs more to make over time. On the 1st August this year we will be increasing the prices of our Premium range available through our website. My thanks goes to all our customers in understanding why this change in prices is necessary.

Paolo Parente

Thankfully, at this time it look like only the Premium items will be seeing any changes, but don’t be surprised if this trickles down to the regular items in the near future.

Happy gaming.