Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Incursion to reboot on Kickstarter

If you don’t know about it, Incursion is a weird war skirmish board game, lying somewhere between Tannhauser and Dust Tactics in genera.


In the coming months Grindhouse Games will be launching a Kickstarter to reboot the game and help fund the creation of plastic minis based on their wonderful metal miniatures.


From their blog…

Once more unto the breach

posted 2013 Jun by Jim Bailey

Okay, let's open it up. Let's just kick the door down and get right into it, shall we? John Roberts and I are heading up a re-release of Incursion. Yeah, it's gonna be a Kickstarter. Cat's out of the bag now! If only I had that tool when I first set out to do this thing.. The game maintains a stratospheric 8 out of 10 on Board Game Geek and has a die-hard fanbase. Why? It's a damned good game and it's authentic. Don't take my word. Go read all the reviews, Go see what more >>

I’ve been following Incursion for but have yet to dive in, so I’m quite intrigued by this news. Well it will be a few weeks till we see what all they’ll be offering, let’s all wait and see.

Happy Gaming.