Thursday, June 6, 2013

Latest from Devil Pig Games…

Here’s the latest update from DPG for the Heroes of Normandie game. An how appropriate that today is D-Day the start of the actual Normandy invasion.

Today's the 6th of June, a very important day for us, at Devil Pig Games and for everybody else. I won't make a speech about sacrifice, blood and heroism... You know what i mean.

We're working hard for the game, for you and for us. It takes time because we want to provide the best product, because we want to do our best and better, because you deserve it.

Laurent has finished the scenarios for the core game box and he's working on the scenario sets. We had a lot of ideas about them and now his tough job is to make them clear and playable.

Yann is still working on the units and next week will show new punchboards.

The terrain tiles are done for the core game box and we will show them to you as soon as Yann's computer is able to process them with the heavy badass Photoshop filter. It should be fixed tonight.
We're waiting now for the next ones (river, beach, town...). The illustrator told us it's gonna’ be a blast !

I finished the rules and now they're being re-read/ re-wright by a professional. Same for the cards. So meantime I'm working on the DUST units and I'll show you some soon (tomorrow ?).

Happy Gaming.