Monday, June 17, 2013

New DT Unit Stats from Paolo…

Paolo recently posted some new unit stats over on the Dust Fans Facebook page. The stats are for a “Dustifyed” German halftrack, that first appeared as a promotional image for the Axis weapon set available HERE.


It’s unclear at this time if this will be a limited offer from Dust Studio like the Norwind or simply a new card to play around with.

In other Paolo related FB news Paolo had this to say about some older Dust 48 model kits.

“…(Barking Dog, Recon Mickey and Jagdluther) will be released as REGULAR DT/DW models in full plastic and primed.
We will stop selling the resin versions very soon. :)
The stats will remain unchanged. So those of you who own the model-kit will just need to request their card at our customer service.
With time we plan to release the full D48 range as DT/DW in full plastic, yes/yes... with time.”

Happy Dustifying.