Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Complete Dust Armies for HoN

The guys at Devil Pig Games have just posted the complete Dust armies for their Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter. These ate near complete with only some minor tweaks left to be made. I don’t see the “Recruitment Templates” yet so there may be one more punch board to go.

Update from Clem of DPG:

The Dust tiles are designed to be included in the regular HoN recruitment tiles as "neutral" recruitment option. Standard HoN soldiers are the regular troops and Dust units are the elite troops. This is a real cross over between these two games.
Or you can recruit your Dust troops freely.

If the Dust team gives us a "go", we will produce Dust commandment recruitment tiles and other stuff from this universe.


Both armies are well balanced with only 5 points difference between them. (665 pts. for US and 660 for German)

Happy waiting.