Monday, July 1, 2013

Fan Photos…. and FTE news…

Peter from the Netherlands sent us some nice photos of some of custom Zombicide tiles professionally printed. it’s always great to see hard work pay off.


In other news sorry for how slow it’s been around here. But we’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern, trying to figure out how we’ll continue to cover Dust Tactics without any source for models.

We do have plans for a scenario set/mod for Zombicide focusing on car combat and auto racing al ’a Death Race, but we’re still in the rules development stage. And we probably won’t push to far forward until Season Two hits the shelves.

Lastly we do still have plans for Heroes of Normandie, but the guys at DPG have been too busy to give us any input (right now). So, I can’t say how soon we’ll be up to making any significant releases for HoN. But here is a preview of what we have been able to do so far.

HoN Maus Test 300px new copyHoN Maus Test 300px new destroyed copy

Well that’s all for now. Happy gaming.