Friday, July 5, 2013

SSU Armor 4 in detail

Today we have a detailed look at the SSU’s new massive Armor 4 infantry. These bad boy can not only deal out huge anti-infantry damage. But you going to be hard pressed to take them down with most “normal” infantry who can barely damage such high class armor.


Here is the detailed Dust Tactics stat card, for this surprisingly cheap unit. With dual ammo heavy shotguns, one 20mm MG, and a very effective close combat weapon, all in an armor 4 shell, these guys defiantly look like a deal. Especially if your facing one of those infantry heavy army lists. The only real downside aside from their lack of anti-armor ability is their lack of speed, with only move one they’ll take some time to cross the battlefield. Thankfully for the SSU the have those nifty transport helicopters. Of course they’re not any slower than most other units so it may not be any sort of issue.


I have to say if this trend continues then the SSU is going to be the army of choice for many players.

Happy Gaming.