Monday, July 1, 2013

The Next Dust Wave Announced….

I’m not feeling well so I don’t have the time to condense this, so here in the announcement verbatim.

1 July 2013
DUST News: Operation "Achilles"

Dust Tactics
We have been busy this past month working with Paolo and his team to bring you the next wave of DUST. As you can imagine taking this over from FFG and working with new partners is a learning curve for all concerned but we are in good shape and our original target release dates still look good. In the next few weeks we will be sharing the, Operation Achilles, plan with you through the GF9 site. We are busy working on a new DUST site to host all of this long term but that is still a few weeks away so we did not want to wait any longer to start showing off the wonderful new models coming your way.

Operation "Achilles":
Welcome To Operation Achilles; Dust Tactics’ New Campaign Expansion!
The final days of the battle for Zverograd have arrived. The three blocs throw their last forces into Zverograd in a final attempt to take the city—or what’s left of it—no matter the cost. The Doomed City has been transformed into a giant killing field, riddled with minefields, bunkers, trenches, and other fortifications. Life there is cheap: death waits around every corner, in every building.
The morale of soldiers in Zverograd is at an all time low. It’s just a matter of time before the city gets to you. The best a soldier can hope for is to be seriously wounded and sent home. Everything is in short supply: food, ammunition, water, and every day is now a struggle for survival in Zverograd.
Thanks to their extensive air fleet, the Allies have suffered less than the other two blocs. A massive campaign of parachuting supplies into Zverograd has worked so far, but the Axis and the SSU are beginning to increase their capacity for airborne combat, threatening Allied dominance of the skies. As Allied resupply missions become less frequent, the fighting over the city’s few remaining supplies grows increasingly desperate.

Operation "Achillies" (DT072)
Operation "Achillies" (DT072)

To make matters worse, two old foes are about to clash once again. American war hero Joe Brown has been stuck in the Doomed City for months now. His best efforts have been unable to tip the balance in favor of the Allies, and the waking nightmare that is Zverograd has begun to change him. He has gained more than a few grey hairs over the last few months, but he has also learned to be more cautious and calculating, making him deadlier than ever. Meanwhile, Generalmajor Sigrid von Thaler, Joe’s arch-nemesis, has arrived in the city with some of her latest creations from the dreadful labs of the Blutkreuz Korps. She is actively searching for Joe, and their final battle is creeping ever closer.
Siege Warfare
Operation “Achilles” introduces many new features to the battlefields of Dust Tactics, including rules for heavy fortifications and trench warfare. Fortifications and trenches have been used by forces all over the world, and tend to result in prolonged, defensive wars, with well-established fronts and dangerous areas of no-man’s-land between the fortified lines.
The Zverograd Cycle
Operation “Achilles” completes the Zverograd cycle for Dust Tactics. For those of you who have been fighting in the city from the start, this is the last chance for your armies to make a difference here! After Operation “Achilles,” the focus of the war will shift to a very different location. For those of you entering the Doomed City for the first time, the previous three expansions in the Zverograd cycle can be combined with this one to form an epic campaign. Check out Operation “Zverograd,” Operation “Hades,” and Operation “Icarus” to get even more out of this expansion.

Our release schedule for the Operation Achilles products is shown below. All retailers around the world have been supplied with this information and will begin solicitation this week. Pricing has not changed and will be the same as it has been for the previous waves. The first wave is due to leave the factory soon so a late August store date is our goal. The following wave will come a month behind so the end of September and October will be when those get to stores.

August 2013: Wave 8.1

Product Code

Product Name

Operation "Achilles"

USMC Fire Squad "Devil Dogs" (Allies)

Horten HO-347 Aircraft "Der Adler / Der Blitz" (Axis)

September 2013: Wave 8.2

Steel Guard Heavy Troop "Red Tornado" (SSU)

Steel Guard Sniper Team (SSU)

Field Phaser Bunker / Strongpoint (Allies)

Heavy Laser Bunker / Strongpoint (Axis)

Heavy Tesla Bunker / Strongpoint (SSU)

October 2013: Wave 8.3

Steel Guard NCO Command Squad (SSU)

Heavy Assualt Walker "Barking Dog" (Allies)

Blutkreuz Pioniere Squad "Sturmaffe" (Axis)

Horten HO-347 Aircraft "Der Adler / Der Blitz" (DT075)
Horten HO-347 Aircraft "Der Adler / Der Blitz" (DT075)

USMC Fire Squad "Devil Dogs" (DT074)
USMC Fire Squad "Devil Dogs" (DT074)

As you can see from the first of the images we have made a few changes to the packaging style of the boxes but the contents are exactly what you would expect. Boxes now show a single painted variant on the cover and illustrate the other versions of the model on the sides and back. The back cover now shows the model as it comes, assembled and undercoated, as well as illustrating whatever variants are in the box. As before each unit comes with cards for however many variants the model can be used for.
New images will come out over the next few weeks and a look inside the Achilles book so stay tuned for more.
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