Thursday, August 29, 2013

News Blurb… Dust Dice

Paolo has officially stated on Facebook that Official Dust Army Dice will be available before Christmas.

Seems like a good time to check out our WWII dice bags:

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Confusion and Delay on the Z’cide Railroad.

There have been several change ups in the Zombicide shipping schedule, nothing too major but it can be a little confusing. Here are the details from Cool Mini themselves.

Due to the chaos of Gencon, we've just realized that one of the containers destined for the USA warehouse containing part of the Fugitive packs, Lea, Dakota, etc is still not with us. 

In order to not create further delays in shipping, we're going to start shipping the core games (Toxic City Mall, Zombicide and Prison Outbreak) from both US and UK warehouses immediately. 

The rest of the items will instead be added to the 2nd shipment, which we are working to advance to December rather than Q1 2014…

…Good news everyone! We'll be shipping out the core games (Season 1, Prison Outbreak, Toxic City Mall) from today. (Shipment 1)

We will be shipping the remaining items from shipment 1 from October 1st.(Shipment 1.5).

Shipment 2 will be as normal (Shipment 2)

Once again, sorry for the delay and confusion.  Packing slips and shipment info will be updated on your pledge manager as soon as we can, but you should receive tracking info for your core games very soon as we start batch uploading.

Also thank you for those that suggested holding off, but we want to bring everyone up to parity with the convention pick ups (who only picked up core games) as soon as possible, and the everyone will be on the same footing.

Happy waiting everyone. And thanks CMON for keeping in the loop.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paolo’s Guest Box for Zombicide.

If you haven’t heard Paolo Parente the creator of Dust Tactics is doing a “guest box” for Zombicide that will contain two minis based on his usual voluptuous art style.

Click for larger images.


Don’t know about Zombicide, find out more here:

Happy gaming.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Extra Credits, and Board-games…

In case you don’t already know Extra Credits is a great web series that focuses on videogame design and theory, but most of game design, theory, and good story telling as applied to video games also applies to board-games.

In a recent episode they looked at how board-games can help you be a better videogame designer, and I think the reverse can be just as true. If you really start to think about the underlying “rules” on which a videogame functions you can translate those into real (i.e. written) rules for a board-game.

Happy watching.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dust News From Battlefront.


From their announcement:

It has been an exceptionally busy year at Battlefront, as work continues with Flames Of War, Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery and the newly released Firefly: The Boardgame. We are now proud to direct our passion and excitement towards the Dust universe. We are expanding our staff and setting up a dedicated Battlefront Dust Studio. Their focus will be on building and supporting the Dust community through a dedicated Dust website to be launched in the near future.

Recently at GenCon we previewed Dust Tactics Wave 8 and were excited by the community’s enthusiasm. These releases will be hitting the shelves shortly and whilst the supply chain has changed, they will still be at your favorite gaming stores. We have a plan to follow-up these releases with a series of army deals to make it easy to join the fight!

Finally, the future of Dust is not just about Tactics. We love big games, with big armies, and big tables, so Dust Warfare is firmly in our sights too with lots more in the pipeline!

The dust will settle soon!

John-Paul Brisigotti, Peter Simunovich and the Battlefront Dust Studio team

You can find out more on the Gale Force 9 site:

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watch Marcowargamer’s HoN Interview with Clem!

Marcowargamer has posted a nine minute interview with Clem from Devil Pig Games looking at Heroes of Normandie, at Gen-Con.

Happy watching.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zombicide Season 2 Shipping Soon…

CMON has begun the long unloading and packing process for shipping Z’cide.


From their latest update:

We've unloaded 2 containers of the 4 we are receiving at the US warehouse, and have been informed that most of the UK containers have arrived at Battlefoam.

This means we will begin packing this week and shipping to follow shortly after - this would be your absolute last chance to get in touch with us if there's a change in your shipping address - as always drop an email to with your pledge number if you have it.

- Project Update #49: Gearing up to ship

Depending upon the speed of this process folks may start to see their boxes in the next couple weeks.

As soon as our set gets here we’ll start work on new scenarios, and maybe do some videos.

All for now, happy gaming.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeling Froze Out…

I’ve reached a bit of an impasse when it comes to developing new Dust content for here and on the YouTube channel. Due to the change from FFG to Battlefront I have lost my “backstage-pass” so to speak, and as such no longer have any pre-release access. All efforts I have made to get in touch with Battlefront seem to have been lost or ignored. Despite having assurance from FFG that they would put in a good word on my behalf, BF have made no contact with me. And while I could go direct to Paolo for help, it seems rather impertinent, and there’s no real reason for him to spend time and effort (and ultimately money) to help me. So… That seems pointless, but I may still try it…

In the end It may be that I’m far too isolated from the community to have any really access or anyone willing to help me regain access to the free models that the dust content here was founded on. And further we don’t have the budget to divert to purchasing new models from the coming releases. And given the rate of expansion of the Dust line it will become ever more impossible for us to catch up as we fall behind.

So… what does this mean…

I don’t know for sure yet, I’m going to try sending out a couple emails after GenCon wraps up and folks have had time to get back to their regular jobs. If I get no positive responses from those. Then we may have to drop Dust from our schedule because we just won’t be able to afford it.

It’s all very sad for us, but no one’s talking to us so, I’m not sure where to go from here. We have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HoN Combat Engineers and Rivers

Here’s the latest from Devil Pig Games for Heroes of Normandie.

image-304107-fullimage-304121-full (1)

Happy gaming.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Incursion Kickstarter…

Here’s a look a the Kickstarter for Grindhouse Games’ Incursion re-launch with tones of glorious plastic…



Happy Pledging…