Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Confusion and Delay on the Z’cide Railroad.

There have been several change ups in the Zombicide shipping schedule, nothing too major but it can be a little confusing. Here are the details from Cool Mini themselves.

Due to the chaos of Gencon, we've just realized that one of the containers destined for the USA warehouse containing part of the Fugitive packs, Lea, Dakota, etc is still not with us. 

In order to not create further delays in shipping, we're going to start shipping the core games (Toxic City Mall, Zombicide and Prison Outbreak) from both US and UK warehouses immediately. 

The rest of the items will instead be added to the 2nd shipment, which we are working to advance to December rather than Q1 2014…

…Good news everyone! We'll be shipping out the core games (Season 1, Prison Outbreak, Toxic City Mall) from today. (Shipment 1)

We will be shipping the remaining items from shipment 1 from October 1st.(Shipment 1.5).

Shipment 2 will be as normal (Shipment 2)

Once again, sorry for the delay and confusion.  Packing slips and shipment info will be updated on your pledge manager as soon as we can, but you should receive tracking info for your core games very soon as we start batch uploading.

Also thank you for those that suggested holding off, but we want to bring everyone up to parity with the convention pick ups (who only picked up core games) as soon as possible, and the everyone will be on the same footing.

Happy waiting everyone. And thanks CMON for keeping in the loop.