Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The British are coming! … and that’s a good thing?

All the latest British units for Heroes of Normandie, Some illustrations are yet to be completed. These are images of both the fronts and backs of the punch boards. Any higher resolution and they’d be print and play. : )image-332509-fullimage-332510-fullimage-332511-fullimage-332512-fullimage-332513-fullimage-332514-fullimage-332515-fullimage-332516-fullimage-332517-fullimage-332519-fullimage-332520-fullimage-332521-fullimage-332522-fullimage-332523-fullimage-332524-fullimage-332525-full

All for now.

Shipping Update For Z’cide

From their update:

We've gotten the containers with the Dogz, Companion Dogs, and bonus Survivors landed in the USA and in the UK.  USA will begin shipping full shipment 1s from Friday. The EU orders will begin shipping next week due to port issues caused by the new container facility in London - there is a haulage backlog preventing access to our containers. Since this is a matter of days rather than weeks, we are holding all further shipments to have full shipments to send out instead of doing partials from this point so as to avoid further delays.

In addition, please accept our apologies for the lack of replies on the customer service email address on Monday and Tuesday - our dedicated CS Terrance was out due to a personal bereavement and will be clearing his backlog from the weekend and those two working days today.

I hope this means we’ll be seeing a shipping notice soon. It’s been a long slow summer.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Packing Up Dust for a while… Updated… Maybe not for long?

Update 9/24/2013

I guess posting an open letter to let folks know how disappointed we all we’re here was the right plan after all. I have been contacted by a couple folks from Battlefront, and may be getting some answers in the near future. John-Paul at BF is going to evaluate the situation, and let us know what he thinks. We will move on from there.

Now, of course our hope is basically to go back to a situation similar to what we had with FFG. Where I write for them, and they sponsor our other DT efforts like preview videos. But we will understand if they say no to that, and then we’ll look at our budget and see what we can do on our own. But it doesn't look good, since our day job here is with the US Government, and if your watching the news you may know that that’s not exactly stable income these days.

Personally I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but I’m a pessimist, and will be glad to be wrong. But all the negativity we’ve received over this in the past weeks probably doesn’t help matters much, and I won’t be surprised if BF would like to keep their distance. That said one of the BF employees that contacted me mentioned he was in the DT Facebook group. and that’s where people seem to hate us the most, for reasons that are beyond me of course. So maybe they don’t care what the trolls have to say.

Anyway, here is to hope, and to bright future for Dust, Paolo, and Battlefront.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

All this weekends HoN news…

There were quite a few Heroes of Nomandie updates both from Devil Pig and one from Bazinga on YouTube. I’m going to post up the video first it’s in English, but if you check his channel you’ll find some in French as well.

And now here are all the updates from Devil Pig via Kickstarter…

Update #113: God save the King !

Update #114: German Army Extentions ready to print !


Update #116: Wittmann


Thursday, September 19, 2013

A first look at the English for HoN

The guys at Devil Pig have offered up our first look at the British units for Heroes of Normandie.


Happy Gaming.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zombicide Drawbridge Beta 2

I’ve been working on my Zombicide drawbridge, and have completely remade it. I’ve temporarily eliminated the demolished version, but I plan on adding to the reverse side of raised bridge tile in the future. Each tile contains 9 zones with the non street zones demarcated by ghosted lines. Click on the individual tiles for the full res versions. (Note I know the shore lines don’t line up I’ll have that fixed in the next version.)

new bridge 9 zones cross street 3new bridge 9 zones cross street 4new bridge 9 zones cross street 1new bridge 9 zones cross street 2new bridge river only 9 zones cross street 5new bridge river only 9 zones cross street 6

new bridge raised tile

Happy gaming.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Check out the latest for Heroes of Normandie

The latest update from Devil Pig is up on the HoN Kickstarter page. Check it out.

Below is just a sample, all of the Us base units are previewed in their post.

image-327353-full (1)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zombicide Drawbridge version 0.2

Well here is the next iteration of my bridge concept. It still has a few gameplay issues, but now has three modes to allow for greater scenario flexibility. Also I’ve made a couple of river tiles with no bridge, so you can have a longer river. The system now works like this. The four base tiles show the bridge collapsed, this will make sense in a second.

Example image

Bridge Quarter destroyed version 0-2

The tiles

Bridge Quarter destroyed 1Bridge Quarter destroyed 2Bridge Quarter destroyed 3Bridge Quarter destroyed 4

Then there is a large tile which sets on top, showing either a lowered or raised bridge. This tile is still very large, and may discourage you from changing the bridge’s state mid-game, but it’s far more manageable then flipping four full game tiles.


Lowered bridge token


raised bridge token

And finally here are the plain river tiles, later when I have some more time I’ll make some more graphical improvements to all these tiles.

River Tile 1River Tile 2

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zombicide Drawbridge WIP…

Ludovic Maes suggested I might put my Z’cide talents to work making a bridge. But I couldn’t stop there, I had to take the concept to it’s least logical extreme. Which causes one minor gameplay issue, which I’ll get to here soon.

First let’s look at the sample art, these are far from complete. Here is one fourth of out bridge lowered and crossable by cars, people, and of course Zombies.

Bridge Quarter copy

Now here is an idea of what the while bridge might look like.

4 tile bridge

Now we come to the cool but complicated part, the raised bridge… Again four tiles.

Bridge Quarter raised copy

And here’s what it could look like… Raised and not crossable by people or zombies, but maybe by maniacs driving muscle cars at ridiculous speeds, and they may or may not have an Uncle Jesse.

4 tile Bridge raised copy

Now we come to the problem I mentioned earlier, raising/lowering the bridge requires you to change four tiles every time, which could be quite a hassle mid game with dozens of zeds on the map. The easy solution is to just make the goal of a scenario in a campaign to raise or lower the bridge (which ever your story calls for). That way all the tile flipping is saved for the usual scenario setup time.


It’s good to be getting back to Z’cide work. All for now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Closer look at the HoN D-Day Pack

The upgraded Heroes of Normandie D-Day pack features 9 double sided boards. And look to bee like a great resource for those of us wanting to create more historical campaigns.


See more after the break.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Character Creation the Psychological Way

Extra Credits, a web series devoted to video game development, has done another great episode that can be of help to anyone developing characters for games or even stories. You can watch it below. And learn more about the subject here.

Now remember this is a complex psychological system and you may not learn in a day, but you’ll be surprised at how much it can help in story development and character background creation.

Happy gaming.

Get read up on the latest Zombicde Rules

Yesterday GG posted the PDFs for the newest rule books for Zombicide. Since the Kickstarter shipments have begun to flow, this may be a good time to get familiar with all the new rules. Just follow the link below.

Happy reading.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The latest image for HoN

Here is the latest images from Devi Pig for Heroes of Normandie.





Here’s looking forward to November.