Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Packing Up Dust for a while… Updated… Maybe not for long?

Update 9/24/2013

I guess posting an open letter to let folks know how disappointed we all we’re here was the right plan after all. I have been contacted by a couple folks from Battlefront, and may be getting some answers in the near future. John-Paul at BF is going to evaluate the situation, and let us know what he thinks. We will move on from there.

Now, of course our hope is basically to go back to a situation similar to what we had with FFG. Where I write for them, and they sponsor our other DT efforts like preview videos. But we will understand if they say no to that, and then we’ll look at our budget and see what we can do on our own. But it doesn't look good, since our day job here is with the US Government, and if your watching the news you may know that that’s not exactly stable income these days.

Personally I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but I’m a pessimist, and will be glad to be wrong. But all the negativity we’ve received over this in the past weeks probably doesn’t help matters much, and I won’t be surprised if BF would like to keep their distance. That said one of the BF employees that contacted me mentioned he was in the DT Facebook group. and that’s where people seem to hate us the most, for reasons that are beyond me of course. So maybe they don’t care what the trolls have to say.

Anyway, here is to hope, and to bright future for Dust, Paolo, and Battlefront.

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Due to a lot of negative response from some folks, I feel I should clarify things for those of you who are not familiar with us or how our DT coverage worked.

First, as it says below we will still be posting Dust news as it is made publicly available. We will just won’t be generating any of our own content for the time being. We will also still post any DT related submissions that DT fans would like us to host. (see our submissions page)

Second, as the title suggests this is for a while, i.e. temporary, until we can get things sorted out.

Lastly, I hope this will help folks to understand some the issues better, I covered Dust during the last year virtually for free, as a mercenary for FFG I was supplied with all the latest models for gratis, as I wrote for them.This was more then a hobby it was a part time job. Before that I bought almost every DT release up through Zverograd, and worked diligently to promote Paolo’s work. Working for FFG allowed me to produce preview videos that were released as much as two weeks before a new models released. This also allowed us to spend our funds on new cameras, lights, and other equipment instead of DT models. So now that money is gone, and had we had more advanced warning, maybe it wouldn’t be, but that’s neither here nor there. And finally it was implied that our deal with FFG would carry over to Battlefront, so the lack of any contact with BF has been very frustrating. So basically we lost our sponsor, and are trying to find a new one. Even if we don’t find a new one, we should be able to start buying again in December or January, fingers crossed.

I hope that helps folks to better understand the situation.

The original post continues below, even though it may contain some poorly chosen words, but I, like everyone else, has the right to feel hurt or slighted just because…

To our Dust fans,

Well I’ve tried, but despite my best efforts, I have been unable to set up any kind of deal with Battlefront to help support our efforts (Frankly I’ve been unable to get any response from them(not that I have any idea who to talk to)). If there was a good local game store; odds are I could get them to sponsor our efforts, but there’s not so that’s out.

So here’s where we stand we have no ability to obtain new Dust Items, we just can’t afford them. Despite being told we would be able to help out with testing Dust Tactics Version 2, we have heard nothing more about this in four months. We have had no contact with anyone other than Paolo, and he says he can’t really help. So there you go we got nothing.

If we want to continue in the future, we’d need a sponsor or a massive number of donations. Neither of which seem very likely.

We will continue to post Dust news like unit releases and announcements but there will be no new videos for the foreseeable future.

As for the other games we cover…

Before the economic troubles we bought in on the Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter, so we should have plenty of content for Z’cide. But it’s very unlikely we’ll be getting in on Season 3.

As for Heroes of Normandie, that game is so much cheaper to buy into and develop for, it may become our primary focus here at FTE.

Sadly the change over from FFG to BF has left a sour taste in my mouth, and while nothing was promised, things we’re implied. And I’ve never received even a “no thank you.” Just silence.  I feel ignored and abandoned, and just can’t bring myself to play DT these days.


So all was Dust and to Dust we may return… one day…