Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zombicide Drawbridge version 0.2

Well here is the next iteration of my bridge concept. It still has a few gameplay issues, but now has three modes to allow for greater scenario flexibility. Also I’ve made a couple of river tiles with no bridge, so you can have a longer river. The system now works like this. The four base tiles show the bridge collapsed, this will make sense in a second.

Example image

Bridge Quarter destroyed version 0-2

The tiles

Bridge Quarter destroyed 1Bridge Quarter destroyed 2Bridge Quarter destroyed 3Bridge Quarter destroyed 4

Then there is a large tile which sets on top, showing either a lowered or raised bridge. This tile is still very large, and may discourage you from changing the bridge’s state mid-game, but it’s far more manageable then flipping four full game tiles.


Lowered bridge token


raised bridge token

And finally here are the plain river tiles, later when I have some more time I’ll make some more graphical improvements to all these tiles.

River Tile 1River Tile 2

Happy gaming.