Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zombicide Drawbridge WIP…

Ludovic Maes suggested I might put my Z’cide talents to work making a bridge. But I couldn’t stop there, I had to take the concept to it’s least logical extreme. Which causes one minor gameplay issue, which I’ll get to here soon.

First let’s look at the sample art, these are far from complete. Here is one fourth of out bridge lowered and crossable by cars, people, and of course Zombies.

Bridge Quarter copy

Now here is an idea of what the while bridge might look like.

4 tile bridge

Now we come to the cool but complicated part, the raised bridge… Again four tiles.

Bridge Quarter raised copy

And here’s what it could look like… Raised and not crossable by people or zombies, but maybe by maniacs driving muscle cars at ridiculous speeds, and they may or may not have an Uncle Jesse.

4 tile Bridge raised copy

Now we come to the problem I mentioned earlier, raising/lowering the bridge requires you to change four tiles every time, which could be quite a hassle mid game with dozens of zeds on the map. The easy solution is to just make the goal of a scenario in a campaign to raise or lower the bridge (which ever your story calls for). That way all the tile flipping is saved for the usual scenario setup time.


It’s good to be getting back to Z’cide work. All for now.