Monday, October 28, 2013

Finally filming again…

I just got a batch of Dust Tactics videos in the can, they’re all older wave one and two units, that were supposed to be done months ago. But I just wasn’t able to get any filming done over the summer. Also the delay was in part to us not having the right information, and the troubles with our transition from FFG to Battlefront, but all that should be behind us now. I’m hoping to have most Wave 8 in a couple months, and get those videos as soon as I have the units. So I’m not too far behind when Wave 9 hits.

As for other older units that I’ve yet to cover, most of them I don’t actually own so it will be quite some time before there is a video for every single DT unit out there. Also I won’t be covering the original core set itself as it is long out of print. So those units will have to wait till I have the individual packs for each one.

Finally, I’ll be doing a video in the near future looking at all the available heroes (that I own) for the current factions (including Joe and Sigrid). These will be in lieu of videos focusing on older expansion packs, as who wants to discuss terrain.

Anyway the first Dust Tactics Classics Video will be out later today, with more to follow every Monday and Wednesday.

Happy gaming.