Monday, November 18, 2013

New Dust Tactics Starter Sets Coming Soon…

Battlefront Miniatures has just announced three new starter sets for Dust Tactics/Warfare, one for each faction. These are scheduled for release early next year.

Each box contains a mix of already available units. General contents are as follows: 1 hero, 1 Walker, 2 Infantry Units, 1 battle mat (these are double sided and 6x9 tactics squares), Terrain and Objective squares, and Faction themed Dice. The box sets are set to be Priced at US$50.

Here’s a look at the boxes, and you can learn more here:


The Allied set contains: Joe 22AP, Pounder 40AP, Bot Hunters 22AP, and Grim Reapers 26AP: AP total 110.


The Axis set contains: Stefan 18AP, Ludwig 40AP, Recon Grenadiers 16AP, and Heavy Laser Grenadiers 30AP: AP Total 104.


The SSU Set contains: Koshka 18AP, Red Storm 21AP, Fakyeli 28AP, and Grandma 36AP: AP Total 103.

Update: Andrew Haught of Battlefront has posted this on the Dust forums:

“We may have changed something that makes the SSU box set on par with the others...

Stay tuned we will have more in depth looks at the box sets in the up coming weeks...”

So we’ll all have to wait and see how the SSU box will change, although I must say I think this is more of a Warfare concern as for DT the SSU box seems fine, but for DW, I don’t think it would be playable on it’s own.

Note: The AP values are based on the currently available Dust Tactics units, if they make any changes to their weapons load-outs, the points may be higher or lower.

Hopefully we’ll have videos for these as soon as we can. But that will be up to Battlefront.

Happy gaming.