Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A little AT-43 in your Dust…

Today Invivos shows us some of his AT-43 conversions for Dust Tactics, there is some really great modeling work here. If your interested you can see more on his blog. http://invivos.blogspot.de/... There you can also see some nice scratch built X-Wing vessels.

First up is a replacement for Heinrich, which is based on a Red Blok Sierp, which gives it the look of a early prototype or captured SSU vehicle. I think it might be better suited as an SSU armor 4 anti-aircraft walker. But what really impressed me here is the custom gun mounts and armor.heinrich

Second is a Lothar style walker based on the Red Blok Odin. Again the crude Communist design doesn’t jive with the German aesthetic, but this great simple conversion still looks quite nice. I like them both, and if I had a larger collection I’d be building similar stuff.


All for today, happy gaming.