Monday, December 9, 2013

New Video, New Dice, New Mats…

There’s a lot new here, but first up is the latest in our Dust Tactics video series. Sadly it’s not a new Wave 8 release, we’re still waiting. But a look at the all time Axis classic the Kamplaufer III Pack.

And now the news…

First up is the new Faction specific dice that Paolo mentioned back in the summer.


From the Battlefront Miniatures release:

The new dice are one of the new surprises in the upcoming starter sets.
Dust dice no longer have blanks on them, though you can still use the old dice instead of the new ones.

What does this mean in the game? Each die now has three symbols: a faction symbol, a shield symbol and a target symbol. Your unit symbol always is a success when rolling no matter what.

The other symbols come into play when the rules would have you roll for blanks. Instead of rolling for blanks with the new dice you now roll your faction symbol plus one of the other symbols depending on what you are rolling for, if you are rolling in a defensive situation then you add the shield and for attacking situations you add the targets.

Both the new and the old dice are covered in the new rule book so don’t worry- your old dust dice are still perfectly valid.


And also the showed off the new play mats that will be included in the new starter sets.

The play mats in the new box sets have more of a city fight feel. This maps are double sided with buildings on one side and an open field on the other.


All in all a big news day for Dust Tactics, with new cards, new dice, and hints at a new cover mechanics. It really looks like we’ll be playing a very new DT in 2014.

Lastly here’s my opinion on the dice, since I know folks are going to ask. I’m reserving judgment until I actually read the new rules, but I can see where this will make some concepts easier for novice players. The new symbols just make the mechanics click in peoples heads, a little faster than blanks. So, in the end I think despite the “backwards compatibility” with the old dice; we’ll all want to get used to seeing and using the new. Now I know nobody likes change, but I see this being a good one in the long run.

Happy gaming.